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Main Features
independent three legs suspended instruction can avoid shock caused by unbalanced loaded.
The roller is made of good quality stainless,strong and durable.
Applied with brake system .safe and reliable performance.
Adopt a sticky rape of trigonometry of transmission,it is driven the whell by the electrical machinery to start.Walk unhurriedly and start to the normal rotational speed.Turning round with no vibration,but steadiy.

Main Features
SS Series dewatering machine is made of high quality stainless stell.Superior performance,smooth running.High
dewatering rate The SWE301-1500 high capacity dehydrated machine adopts the west Germany technique,in accord
With national standard,which is first founds country the inside,They have the characteristics of big capacity and low consumption etc.But having the perfect quakeproot,timing,auto controls tht system with the safety.

Main Technical Parameter

Type SS752-500 SS752-600 SS752-800 SS752-1000 SS752-1200 SS752-1500
(mm) Diameter of drum 500 600 800 1000 1200 1500
(mm) High of drum 260 300 340 380 480 600
(r/min) Speed of drum 1000 1000 910 900 750 750
(kw) Motor power 1.1 1.2 4 5.5 7.5 10
(kg) Max.capacity 25 45 80 130 220 500
(mm) Overall dimensions 10001000

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